Website Statistics

Analytics are important to ensure the viability of your strategic planning and your business model

Our Website Statistics package includes the processes and technologies that allow us to evaluate the success of marketing actions, measuring performance (eg blogging versus social media or through other communication channels) using important business indicators, such as Return of Investment. (ROI), the marketing performance and overall marketing effectiveness.

In other words, they show you the actual performance of the marketing programs you are implementing.

Our analytics include data from all marketing channels and integrates them so that we have a unified picture of the performance of your business.

From a single graph, you can extract the results of the analyzes that will offer you invaluable help in pushing your marketing action.

Why they are Important?

Over the years, as businesses expanded into new marketing categories (digital, online, etc.), new technologies were adopted to support them.

The data from Social Media alone is not enough. Data & Information from Web Analytics alone is not enough. And all the tools that display just a snapshot of a single communication channel can be described as inadequate.

With Advanced Business Statistics, on the other hand, you take into account marketing efforts through all channels over a period of time – which is essential for making the right decisions and implementing your program effectively and efficiently.

What does our package include?

  • Detailed information about the page (Page Insides – Top Posts and Pages, Top Countries and Referrals)
  • Information history (Date Range History – History kept with sessions and statistics)
  • Real Time Reports
  • Engagement Tracking (New VS Old visitors, visitors per device)
  • Universal Tracking (watch the incoming and outgoing traffic of the website)
  • Performance related tips and optimizations
  • Search Console (See the keywords that had the most impact and visualize your content)
  • Seo Tracking Score (SEO ranking score)
  • Upon request report (> month)
  • Suggestions for improvement