8 + 2 reasons to think seriously about building a website for your business

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Why build a website for my business?

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Οι πιο συχνές ερωτήσεις που λαμβάνουμε από τους πελάτες μας αφορούν κυρίως τους παρακάτω προβληματισμούς:

  • Why build a website?
  • What are the expected benefits of a website?
  • I’m a freelancer, do I need a website?
  • I have a Facebook page, does it not cover my business?

Below we list 8 + 2 reasons, that the construction of a website for your business is ONE WAY!

The website is a modern image of your business!

Your business website is its image to the outside world and to your potential customers. Regardless of the size or type of brand, a roughly designed website creates a bad image for your business and services.

Therefore, your company profile should not only be modern, but it should also look modern! At a time when the internet is the leader in the fields of communication and promotion – advertising of products and services, your business can not stay away from this “explosive” form of growth. By building a website for your business, it is now claiming its place in the global and rapidly growing digital market.

A modern website increases the credibility and image of your company

With more than 4 billion active internet users and the rapid spread of electronic devices, the internet is the “hangout” of most of the world’s population. So do you think customers will easily trust you without a structured web presence? Why not take advantage of this huge market? Why not get to know you and your vision better through your website?

When, in a minute, millions of internet users search for a service or product online, how many customers will trust businesses that do not have an online presence? Why not see your company in this big market? Why not get to know your business through your website?

The profits that a website brings!

The internet is nowadays the digital “crossroads” of big markets, covering a huge range of needs. Customers with modern tools in their hands are looking for products and services that fully meet their needs. It is enough to consider that, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020, 42% of American citizens chose the online market of grocery products, with signs of consolidation of this consumer behavior. Should the products provided by your business be among these products? Why not know about your services, everyone who needs them?

Open 24/7 every day and without additional costs!

Your business website is its digital presence. It comes to overturn the conventional way we know, with hours and salaries! The smooth operation of a website ensures that you are constantly available to your potential customers. They can visit your business, learn more about the products and services you provide, without having to hire staff or incur additional costs.

The website is a permanent and free advertisement of your company

Website construction ensures the permanent promotion and advertising of your company on the internet. Makes it easy and attractive to present your services and products, as well as your company actions. Without specialized advertising knowledge, the website helps you to easily get to know and like you, based on what you offer.

Forget geographical borders as you knew them

The construction of the website for your business, at the same time, marks the removal of the geographical borders, which characterize the traditional way of sales. The geographical location of your store will no longer be an insurmountable obstacle for your customer base!

A "click" away from your customers

You can now provide your customers with a detailed description of the products and services you offer, photos, brochures & videos. Updating on your new products is done without the cost of printing and distribution. The information about the company and your business activity or the services you offer, is done in a direct and easy way. Customers through your website have the opportunity to submit their questions and get the answers they want.

Increased efficiency of your partners

If you have external partners, such as salespeople, your website will provide them with valuable aids, such as relevant forms, circulars and the digital material required for their work. These features can be easily integrated into your website through its members & affiliate portal.

(+1) I have a Facebook page, do I also need a website for my business?

It is definitely a great advantage to have a well-established presence on the major social networks. The website, however, is the pre-eminent professional “identity” of your business and can act in combination with the corporate profiles you have on social networks. For the effectiveness of the Facebook page, it is considered necessary to have a dynamically constructed website, where customers will be able to get in touch with your complete company profile and what you offer.

(+2) I have my personal blog (Blog) why build a website?

Creating a blog is undoubtedly a very useful tool for promoting business. At iWP Brand Building we often recommend such construction to our customers, the creation of a blog by an experienced professional gives a competitive advantage to customers who want to conquer the market. A blog, however, does not have the capabilities of a website. Therefore it does not provide you with the benefits of the website and should complement your website.

Therefore it does not provide you with the benefits of the website and should complement your website. A dynamically designed website becomes a tool of work and promotion of your services. Ideally combined with your targeted presence on major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) and your predisposition to be ahead of market developments that you are trying to conquer. Your website is the identity, the CV and the showcase of your company in the online market, so you need to give it the importance it really deserves, close to the professionals who will bring it to the top.

Your business as well as website construction need experienced professionals

You need her people iWP Brand Building not only for our technical knowledge, but because we understand the market and we can interpret the pulse of the users, so that the website we will build for you will be the most powerful tool Web Marketing. We are at your disposal to help you take advantage of the possibilities of the internet! We make dynamic use of every new technology for your proper corporate promotion. Strengthen your business profile and secure the future of your business with a dynamic website.

We utilize modern technologies for the construction of dynamic websites with a CMS content management system, bringing an attractive result. The websites we build are absolutely friendly to users and functional according to their needs. They allow administrators to add and update the content of the website with simple actions and without specialized technical knowledge.

Together we create a unique result!

In addition, we offer internet consulting services in order to inform you about anything related to the website you want to build or the website you already have. We are at your disposal to discuss the prospects that exist for your business, in the digital space of the internet. We approach each of our projects with professionalism and guided by the special characteristics and needs that it aims to cover. The end result is a unique expression of ergonomics, functionality and efficiency with attractive and modern looks and aims to meet your needs. Now take the first step in your promotion: With examples from ready-made web pages eshopone-pagebooking, choose the basic look from the web designs you will find in our collection and leave the rest to us! For the most demanding customers, contact us to design your website together and ensuring the best possible result!

Because your business does not just need a website, but the special experience that your customers are looking for!