Free Wi-Fi is a platform created by iWP & Brand Building, which utilizes a business Wi-Fi network to its advantage.

It has developed a network consisting of “Hotspots”, ie various points in several companies, which provide free use of existing Wi-Fi, providing Internet access with special software and aims to become the largest network “Free Hotspot” in Cyprus.

With the “Free Wi-Fi” software platform, businesses can give internet access to their customers (with Login to the Wi-Fi they provide) and reap potential benefits.

It is designed to help entrepreneurs formulate a strategy or promote / advertise their products and services in an innovative way.

Free Wifi από την iWP

How can I use the Free WiFi service?

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Information about the service and the possibilities

Go to the Free WiFi website we have and find out about the software and its features.

Contact us to inform us about your business, the equipment you have and if you have support from an IT.

Package Selection

Go to the independent website of Free WiFi that we have and find out what each package offers you.

Contact us to come to your place and study your needs.

Purchase of service

Once the above steps have been taken and we have agreed on the package and equipment you need, our technician will visit you to install, configure the service and check for proper functionality.

Finally, you will be introduced to the use of the service by customers and the software by you.


When all the above is completed will we be finished?

NO, you will always have by your side a technician and a Marketing consultant for support and suggestions for the development of your business.

Now we are done and take advantage of the investment you made !!

Advantages of Free WiFi service?