Social Media Ads

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Advertising on social networks ( Facebook & Instagram ) is now necessary, because without advertising only a small percentage of Followers can see the posts you upload!

Through the two platforms we can provide you with targeted advertising with a monthly budget that you will choose that will bring results such as:

  • Increase brand awareness by addressing people who are more likely to be interested
  • Increase traffic to a destination inside or outside facebook and instagram such as a website, an application or a chat on messenger
  • Increase of page likes & followers
  • Increased engagement in posts, responses to facebook events and offers
  • Increase views on your page videos
  • Increase sales leads by creating forms through facebook where we can get information from people who are interested in your business, such as email
  • Increase the number of people posting to your business facebook page
  • Increase sales by sending valuable actions to your site, your application or messenger

Advertising on social networks includes:

  • Create ads based on the goals we have set
  • Select and create an audience through the Business Manager
  • Progress tracking along with optimization where and when needed