The website was created by iWP Brand Building for the publication and organization of competitions with gifts.

It is a powerful Marketing tool that can help every business to grow and strengthen its Brand Name.

Easily, quickly and simply enables organizations and businesses to promote, free or at minimal cost, publications with competitions and offers.

It is well known that the immediacy of the Internet helps us to implement a communication strategy, in order to attract customers and increase sales.

The goals of Mr Like

  • The aspires to create a mutually developing relationship with the users of the website.
  • It seeks to inform in a timely manner, for all free online competitions, using Social, Newsletter and other marketing methods.
  • It provides the possibility of additional promotion of the competitions as well as advertising banners.
  • It provides the ability to promote Businesses and Services.
  • It undertakes the creation of Competitions for you, without you dealing with anything.