Google Ads

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Relevant Information

Search engines display two categories of results. The so-called organic results and paid ads ( Google Ad).

The ranking in the organic results is done automatically by the search engines and depends on many factors, which have to do with the content and the structure (at technical / construction level) of the site and specifically with the SEO of the webpage.

When it comes to paid advertising, there are two basic types. Paid search engines (Ads) and advertising on other websites with so-called Display Ads

Google Ads

Search engine ads refer to the appearance of an ad in the search terms we define.
E.g. we choose to display an ad when someone is looking for “Cyprus car accessories” but not to show when looking for “Cyprus accessories”.

It is seen by someone who is already looking for you or your products and is already a potential customer. Google Ad advertising has immediate results as it brings visits to your site or phone calls and emails from people who are interested in becoming customers.

Display Ads

Ads on internet sites refer to the appearance of text ads or banners on sites with a specific theme or in general on sites that occasionally display content related to what we are advertising.

This type of advertising is more suitable (but not only) for branding.

To familiarize the public with the brand, the creation of a consumer trend, etc.