Website Statistics

Δυο άνθρωποι μελετούν τα γραφήματα κα τις στατιστικές μελέτες συζητώντας.

The Website Statistics package includes the processes and technologies that allow us to evaluate the success of marketing actions, measuring performance (e.g. blogging, against social media or through other communication channels) using important business indicators, such as return on investment. (ROI), the efficiency of marketing leads and the summarized effectiveness of marketing.

In other words, they show you the actual performance of the marketing programs you implement as well as theSEOactions.

Our analytics includes data from all marketing channels and integrates them so that we have a unified picture of your business performance.

From a single graph, you can extract the results of analytics that will offer you invaluable help in promoting marketing action.

Why are they important?

Over the years, as businesses have expanded into new categories of marketing (digital, online, etc.), new technologies have been adopted to support them.

Data from social media alone is not enough. Data and information from Web Analytics alone is not enough. And all tools that display only one snapshot of a communication channel can be described as inadequate.

With advanced business statistics, on the other hand, you take into account marketing efforts across all channels over a period of time – something that is essential for making the right decisions and implementing your program effectively and efficiently.

What do website statistics include?

  • Detailed page information (Internal pages – Top posts and pages, top countries and citations)
  • Information history (Date range history – History with sign-ups and statistics)
  • Real-time reports
  • Loyalty monitoring (New old visitors, visitors per device)
  • Global tracking (track incoming and outgoing website traffic)
  • Performance tips and optimizations
    Search Console (See the most impacted keywords and visualize your content)
  • Seo Tracking Score (SEO ranking score)
  • Upon request (> month)
  • Suggestions for improvement