By building a website you gain huge opportunities to expand your customers, the credibility and the reputation of your hotel! It is also an efficient way to automate booking services.

All polls show that online bookings are skyrocketing. Users who search for rooms on the internet and choose for their stay mainly the hotels that will pique their interest.

But be careful because many online stores are difficult to trust and easily rejected.

Building a website for a hotel is not a simple matter

Our goal is to create complete websites that will not only attract new customers but will also facilitate the booking process.

The website should pique the interest of the users, in just a few seconds, that you are a reliable company that will bring them a pleasant holiday.

At iWP Brand Building we treat every project we undertake as unique, based on its special features and the small details that will make it stand out from the competition.

Our main goal is for your guests to enjoy a unique touring experience and to increase your bookings.

Θέλετε να αυξήσει τις κρατήσεις σας και να πάρετε την εταιρεία σας στο επόμενο στάδιο, χωρίς να ξοδέψετε πολλά χρήματα;

Μην το αφήνετε στην «θεά» τύχη κάντε τις σωστές επιλογές και μην το καθυστερείτε …

Construction of Hotel Booking

What should I think about before deciding?

Why to choose us;

We apply and give you answers to all the above and in addition….

IWP Brand Building pays special attention to the initial design of the website, the functionality and security of transactions, taking into account your financial budget.

The purpose of building hotel websites is not just to visit a user, but to create a climate of trust and professionalism in order to convince and book a room.

We have the tools, knowledge, experience and dedication needed to create a Hotel Booking.

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Construction Process of a Hotel Booking

Information & Analysis

Website design for hotels is an important step in increasing the credibility and reputation of a hotel.

A complete and successful website design for a hotel must meet some key features.

So our first step is to get information about your needs in an interview.

We study and analyze the data and suggest you strategy and goals.

Artistic design

IWP Brand Building creates a plan for appearance, features and booking system.

We tailor our proposals to your requirements and proceed with the assignment of work and the choice of appearance and applications.

We create an original visual Web Design and we present it to you.

Technical Implementation

Once we get the final approval, we receive your material, we continue in the configuration of the final appearance, the integration of the booking system and the implementation of the information system, incorporating the necessary applications.

We add part of your products or services and integrate communication systems and payment applications.

Tradition & Education

We check all the functions that were implemented and we correct any issues that occur so that the website and the booking system work perfectly.

We deliver the project to you in beta environment for approval as well as manual.

Then begins the training for the management of the website and the reservation system, the addition and subtraction of material and the management of reservations.

The management can be done by us, by agreement.

After approval we display the website in a live environment.


Maintenance & upgrade of the website and the booking system, with new requirements and updates continues after its delivery, according to the original assignment agreement.

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