Web SMS service is a platform created by iWP & Brand Building for sending professional bulk messages over the internet.

It is a powerful Mobile Marketing tool that can help any business grow and strengthen its Brand Name.

Mobile Marketing is a rapidly evolving force in the field of communications. Easily, quickly and simply enables organizations and businesses to promote, at minimal cost, offers or messages. It is known that the immediacy of mobile phones helps us to implement a targeted communication strategy, in order to inform customers and increase sales.

IWP Brand Building's WebSMS platform is a powerful Mobile Marketing tool in the hands of any business that wants to grow.

How can I use the Web SMS service?

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You can register for free and directly, with full access to the sms message management platform.

You can browse through our web page Web SMS and click on “Free Registration”

You fill the required forms and choose the SMS Package that covers your needs.

You will receive a confirmation email and you are done !!!

If you want us to do this process, contact us.

You can easily create your own customer groups and register their phones.

Adding the phones of your customers, staff or members to the management platform can be done either manually one by one, or by uploading a list that you already have at your disposal (.xls file for example)

If you want us to do this process, contact us.

You can easily create the message you want to send and send it instantly or schedule your sending to be executed at a time of your choice.

You can send sms to specific phones or to groups you have created.

The messages sent will be delivered almost immediately to the recipients you have selected.

All messages sent are stored in our system and are accessible at any time.

If you want us to do this process, contact us.

You can see which phone numbers received your message with a detailed receipt report.

All campaigns with the sent messages are stored in our system and are accessible at any time.

Advantages of WebSMS

  • There are many more mobile phone users than there are social media users.
  • SMS are read by 97-98% of users (83% of the above within the first 5 minutes of receiving the message).
  • 80% of mobile phone users are receptive to receiving updates on products or services that interest them, in the form of an sms message.
  • Our personal contact and service is a key reason why our customers prefer us.
  • You do not need to have Internet knowledge or Computer and access. We offer you this feature (along with registering your phones) at no extra cost.
  • Possibility of payment in any way you wish.
  • The delivery is made through National Routing Networks (Direct) with the result that there are no delays in the delivery but also arriving with the right sender.
  • Delivering a large volume of messages in a short time.
  • Αναλυτικές αναφορές για κάθε μια από τις μαζικές σας αποστολές.
  • Delivery history in which results can be filtered and exported.
  • Most cost-effiicient form of Digital Marketing.
  • The cost of sending messages starts from 0.012 € / sms. The charge is made regardless of the mobile phone company where your recipient is. This way you are sure that you will not have hidden charges.
  • Ability to purchase Credits in various ways (bank account deposit, credit card, PayPal)
  • There is no time expiration day for the credits you have been credited. So you are not limited to how long you must have sent the sms to your account.
  • Secure account management and information environment.
  • Enter “STOP SMS” command to automatically enter those who do not want to receive messages in the “Blacklist”.
  • “Blacklist” is a very easy way to avoid sending messages to contacts who have asked you to remove them from your lists. Just enter the phone in the list and it will never receive sms.
  • You can easily create your own customer groups and register their phones.
  • Easily send messages to single phone numbers or groups.
  • Personalized delivery.
  • Our system automatically removes multiple instances of the same phones during shipment. This way you do not have multiple charges, nor do you create an inconvenience.
  • Delivery of a simple or long sms message.
    The maximum characters of a simple sms are 160 characters / sms and for a long sms up to 459 characters / sms. These are sent via multiple sms which are connected to the recipient’s mobile phone automatically.
  • Ability to manage the sender name (Sender ID), up to 11 Latin characters.
  • Ability to send a message in Greek with small and special characters.
  • API capability to easily send sms from your website or application (desktop or mobile phone).
  • Easy planning of the delivery (with date and time), with deletion in case of wish.
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