SEOor Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular terms of digital marketing and is also one of the most effective ways to promote a website.

It is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it higher in search engines such as Google.

It is essentially a set of actions that take place either inside the content of a web page or outside it. The main purpose is to bring our website as high as possible in the ranking of organic search engine results.

Simply put ....

The easiest way to search for a service or product is through search engines.

Internet users search for anything that interests them using search terms called keywords and their search results lead to specific web pages.

What role do search engines play in website SEO?

Search engines categorize different web pages by word   or phrase. These can be the name of a company, the category of services, a specific product, etc. The pages are sorted with the help of complex algorithms that take into account dozens of factors.

The results are presented in pages (per 10 results) and the user usually reads the first, second or even the third page, choosing which website to visit.

It is therefore clear that the optimization of a website in search engines involves traffic, with all the important commercial advantages that follow (recognition, sales, profits).

What it means to us

Your business website is your image on the internet and to your potential customers. Regardless of the size or type of branding, a draft website creates a bad image for your business and services.

Why to choose us;

Our qualifications are our long-term presence in the field and direct communication with our customers. As a result, we are able to meet the needs of our customers and deliver high quality projects at competitive prices.

We offer high quality web design with the possibility of technological upgrades. We create in close collaboration with you, a Professional or Personal Dynamic Website with a friendly management environment without the need for specific knowledge (CMS).

A well-structured project is easy to “exploit” the search engine algorithms to the fullest and to rank higher. The machines are constantly looking for pages designed with the latest technologies and that are disciplined in their regulations. 

With a simple example: 

Do you have an online E-Shop that has e.g. spare parts. The purpose of SEO is when a user enters the word “spare parts” (keyword = keyword) in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), your page is as high as possible in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs ).

In short… YES.

Recent   surveys have shown  that  Click Through Rate (CTR) > 90%   in the first page entries (December 2020 data) and less than   10% of users move to the next pages. 

The most visited, of course, are the 3 main places.


On-Page Optimisation

It includes all the actions that are done within the website, in order to make it more recognizable   and search engine friendly but also to the readers. There are many factors that affect the end result of the internal optimization of our website. 

Off-Page Optimisation

It refers to all the work you need to do outside of your website to get it in a higher position in the search engines. Essentially, these are actions you take to promote your page and its content online. In other words, it acts as a kind of advertisement for your site.


To speak technically .. and with numbers

With more than 600 Google algorithmupdates (and as many other search engine updates) per year and more than 200 ranking factors that are taken into account to achieve the overall evaluation of the quality (page rank) of a website, it is recommended the evaluation, management and strategic planning of SEO actions by specialized staff.

  Total number of active websites a to now exceed 200 million and given the desire of most to be on the first page (first ten places of searches) of Google, it is practically impossible for everyone to be there! 

Unfortunately, in the case of SEO, effort is required (technical knowledge, working hours) without excluding the way (know-how, experience, strategic perception). SEO is an organic tool and as such it takes time to… pay off in the traffic of a website.

Website SEO?

For a website that has just been built, a time of at least 6-12 months (several times or more depending on the target market and the competition) is necessary to start seeing results.

In the rarest cases when our website is already authoritative and the domain is quite old, then the results come much faster.