Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic S.E.O Package

S.E.O, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to actions performed on a website in order to optimize it in search engine results.

Search Engines are applications that allow you to search for texts and files on the Internet. A typical example is the Google search engine, which is used by millions of Internet users worldwide.

The use of search engines is now widespread and serves many commercial purposes because it is aimed at a numerically huge buying public. Internet users search for anything that interests them using search terms called keywords, and search results lead them to certain websites.

Logically, they are more likely to choose to visit the websites that are in the first search results and the ones that are most relevant to the subject of their search. It is therefore clear that optimizing a website for machines search implies traffic, with all the important commercial advantages that follow (recognizability, sales, profits).

What is iWP’s basic SEO package?

The basic SEO package of iWP is a set of actions performed on a website in order to initially improve the positions that the website receives for specific search results.

These actions can be performed for 1-3 keywords determined by the content of the website after research and consultation with iWP.

The basic package is annual (duration 365 days) and begins the day the above actions begin taking place on the website.

The basic iWP SEO package includes:

  • Register the website in the 3 largest search engines in the world (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Add / modify titles, descriptions, keywords on the website and in specific articles – pages
  • Small interventions in the content (texts) with keywords to make it more search engine friendly
  • Add sitemap
  • Performance reports at 6 and 12 months after the start of the basic package
  • Create a link to the website from websites of our choice

What the iWP SEO package does not include:

  • Image optimization on an existing website
  • Interventions in the structure or format of an existing website
  • Create new content on an existing website
  • Interventions or optimization in texts -images of e-shop products
  • Create a Gmail, Google+ and GoogleMap account