What do I gain by building a website?

Your business website is your image to the outside world and to your potential customers. Regardless of the size or type of branding, a draft website creates a bad image for your business and services.

You need to give your site the value it really deserves, but also the prices that are appropriate in our time.

Website design by iWP, photo with concepts related to website programming and design

To build a website you need to follow these steps:

  1. First determine the height of the baget that you can dispose of
  2. Decide on which Domain Name will be displayed (eg namecompany.com)
  3. Choose where to host (Hosting) website
  4. Think about whether you need to create professional emails (e.g [email protected])
  5. Have one logo for your business
  6. Think if you need it projection with other online media (eg Social, Google Map, SEO, WebSMS etc)

Next you can see a brief update on the above.

The cost for the construction of a website will be found from 200 € and depends on many factors.

  • Complexity: The simpler a website, the more economical it will be.
  • Applications: Every additional function you want the website to have, requires the possible purchase of applications that increase the cost of construction.
  • Company or independent development: Here you have to think about the option, to use an independent development that will be financial or the security and experience of a company.

In order for your website to have a unique identity, it is necessary to purchase a Domain Name. The Domain Name is not only your identity, but also your online business card.

Its selection plays a major role in online promotion and the suitability for your business and availability must be properly studied.

Choosing servers and their features for hosting a website is not an easy task.

We offer a new generation of Web Hosting, with a high level of reliability, performance and security.


Business email is one of the most important tools for any entrepreneur.

By creating a professional email address that matches the name of the business, we gain the trust of our customers.

A proper and secure email can help in the Branding but also in the Marketing actions of a company.

Creating a logo is not an easy task.

The characteristics of the business and the audience that is addressed, determine its appearance.

A truly successful logo characterizes every business and sets it apart from the competition. It must have a specific philosophy and a clear message in order to be reflected in the users’ memory.

This way it can be used properly on the website, in brochures, on social media, etc.

Creating and maintaining a professional social media page is crucial to the success of your business.

Facebook and Instagram pages are powerful tools that businesses can use to promote their products and services online.


To Google Map Pin is an online mapping service used by millions of users every day.

By listing your business on Google Map, finding someone with a Google search is easier than ever!

It is now necessary for your business to appear on Google Map since the “benefits” that you can obtain are many.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular terms of digital marketing and is also one of the most effective ways to promote a website.

It is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it higher in search engines such as Google.

It is essentially a set of actions that take place either inside the content of a web page or outside it.

The goal of SEO actions is to bring the website as high as possible in the ranking of organic search engine results.


The service Web SMS is a platform created by iWP Brand Building for sending professional bulk messages over the internet.

It is a powerful Mobile Marketing tool that can help any business to be promoted and to immediately inform its customers about every offer / service it provides.


Building a website is not a simple matter

We suggest solutions for building a website, based on your real needs and with the possibility of future technological upgrades.

Decide now to create a Business or Personal Website with a friendly management environment and let us know how.

Our qualifications are the long-term presence in the field, the right choices of partners (graphic designers, developers and marketing people) and the direct communication with our customers.

As a result, we are able to meet your needs and deliver your work with quality work and content at reasonable prices.

Website Design Process

Information & Analysis

Our first step is to get information about your needs with an interview.

We study and analyze the data and suggest you strategy and goals.

Artistic design

After adapting our proposals to your requirements, we proceed to the assignment of work and the design of the initial plan.

We create an original visual appearance (draft) and we present it to you.

Technical Implementation

Once we get the final approval, we receive your material, we continue with the construction and implementation of the information system and we integrate the necessary applications.

We add texts and material that have been given to us in electronic form or we create, by agreement.

We integrate communication systems and other applications.

Tradition & Education

We check all the functions that were implemented and we correct any issues that arise, so that the website works perfectly.

We deliver the project to you in beta environment for approval, as well as a manual.

Then begins the training on how to manage the website and add and remove text and photos.

The management, of course, can be done by us, after a corresponding agreement.

After approval we display the website in a live environment.


Maintenance & upgrade of the website with new requirements and updates continues after delivery, according to the original assignment agreement.

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